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An administrator wants to import users using the Bulk Administration menu in Cisco Unified

Communications Manager Administration. Which file format is valid for this operation?


A.  .PDF

B.  .DOC


D.  .CSV

E.  .XLS


Correct Answer: D






Which four characteristics are associated with video? (Choose four)


A.  greedy

B.  TCP retransmits

C.  UDP priority

D.  delay sensitive

E.  drop sensitive

F.  benign

G. bursty


Correct Answer: ACDG




Which device would allow you to place calls from a Cisco Unified Communications Manager that is configured with SCCP phones to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express that is configured with SIP phones?


A.  gatekeeper

B.  gateway

C.  H.323 trunk

D.  SIP trunk

E.  Cisco Unified Border Element


Correct Answer: E






Which three characteristics are associated with data? (Choose three.)


A.  Greedy

B.  TCP retransmits

C.  UDP priority

D.  delay sensitive

E.  drop insensitive

F.  benign

G. benign or greedy.


Correct Answer: BEG






With GETVPN, if a key server is configured to use multicast as the rekey transport mechanism, then under which of these conditions will the key server retransmit the rekey messages?


A.  It never retransmit the rekey messages

B.  it only retransmit the rekey message when it does not receive the rekey acknowledgment from at least one group member

C.  it only retransmit the rekey message when it does not receive the rekey acknowledgment from all group member

D.  it only retransmit the rekey message when DPD to the group members fails

E.  it always retransmit the rekey message


Correct Answer: E






Can an IP phone be configured so that calls to that IP phone can be rerouted if the IP phone become unregistered?


A.  Yes, configuring call forward All provides this coverage

B.  No, if a phone is unregistered, the re-order tone is played to the caller

C.  Yes, configuring Call Forward Busy Internal provides this coverage

D.  Yes, configuring Call Forward Unregistered provides this coverage

E.  No. the call is dropped at the gateway


Correct Answer: D






Which generating QoS reports CAR tool, what two parameters are valid for report generation? (Choose two)


A.  route lists

B.  route patterns/hunt pilots

C.  route groups

D.  IP phone directory numbers

E.  gateway types

F.  partitions


Correct Answer: BD






An administrator is attempting to add a new IP phone to the network. The phone does not register and continues to cycle through the registration process. The administration checks and notices that the IP address assigned to the phone is not correct network. What is the cause of this issue?


A.  The TFTP server is reconfigured

B.  The DHCP server is giving out false IP addresses

C.  The Cisco Unified Communication Manager is down

D.  The switch port that the phone is connected to is configured with the wrong voice LAN E.  The PSTN gateway is down


Correct Answer: D






Which command is useful to see if network layer information is being received at a PSTN gateway?


A.  show gateway status

B.  show isdn q931

C.  show c cm-manager status

D.  show isdn status

E.  show isdn q921


Correct Answer: D




Users report that when they press the Messages button on their phones, they often get a busy tone. Which option can rectify this issue?


A.  Disable the Callers Can Edit Messages checkbox under the Message settings

B.  The CSS for the phones does not contain the voice-mail port partitions

C.  The CSS for the phone does not contain the voice-mail pilot partition.

D.  Precede all Cisco Unity Connection greetings to announce that each message is limited to 90 seconds long to free up voice-mail ports.


Correct Answer: C


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