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What is a global command?


A.      a command that is set once and affects the entire router

B.      a command that is implemented in all foreign and domestic IOS versions

C.      a command that is universal in application and supports all protocols

D.      a command that is available in every release of IOS, regardless of the version or deployment status

E.       a command that can be entered in any configuration mode


Correct Answer: A




Refer to the exhibit. When running EIGRP, what is required for RouterA to exchange routing updates with RouterC?




A.      AS numbers must be changed to match on all the routers

B.      Loopback interfaces must be configured so a DR is elected

C.      The no auto-summary command is needed on Router A and Router C

D.      Router B needs to have two network statements, one for each connected network


Correct Answer: A




A Cisco router is booting and has just completed the POST process. It is now ready to find and load an IOS image. What function does the router perform next?


A.      It checks the configuration register.

B.      It attempts to boot from a TFTP server.

C.      It loads the first image file in flash memory.

D.      It inspects the configuration file in NVRAM for boot instructions.


Correct Answer: A




Refer to the exhibit. What is the meaning of the output MTU 1500 bytes?




A.      The maximum number of bytes that can traverse this interface per second is 1500.

B.      The minimum segment size that can traverse this interface is 1500 bytes.

C.      The maximum segment size that can traverse this interface is 1500 bytes.

D.      The minimum packet size that can traverse this interface is 1500 bytes.

E.       The maximum packet size that can traverse this interface is 1500 bytes.

F.       The maximum frame size that can traverse this interface is 1500 bytes.


Correct Answer: E




On a corporate network, hosts on the same VLAN can communicate with each other, but they are unable to communicate with hosts on different VLANs. What is needed to allow communication between the VLANs?


A.      a router with subinterfaces configured on the physical interface that is connected to the switch

B.      a router with an IP address on the physical interface connected to the switch

C.      a switch with an access link that is configured between the switches

D.      a switch with a trunk link that is configured between the switches


Correct Answer: A




Which command displays CPU utilization?


A.      show protocols

B.      show process

C.      show system

D.      show version


Correct Answer: B




What two things will a router do when running a distance vector routing protocol? (Choose two.)


A.      Send periodic updates regardless of topology changes.

B.      Send entire routing table to all routers in the routing domain.

C.      Use the shortest-path algorithm to the determine best path.

D.      Update the routing table based on updates from their neighbors.

E.       Maintain the topology of the entire network in its database.


Correct Answer: AD




Which command is used to display the collection of OSPF link states?


A.      show ip ospf link-state

B.      show ip ospf lsa database

C.      show ip ospf neighbors

D.      show ip ospf database


Correct Answer: D




Refer to the exhibit. The technician wants to upload a new IOS in the router while keeping the existing IOS. What is the maximum size of an IOS file that could be loaded if the original IOS is also kept in flash?




A.      3 MB

B.      4 MB

C.      5 MB

D.      7 MB

E.       8 MB


Correct Answer: B




Refer to the exhibit. The two exhibited devices are the only Cisco devices on the network. The serial network between the two devices has a mask of Given the output that is shown, what three statements are true of these devices? (Choose three.)




A.      The Manchester serial address is

B.      The Manchester serial address is

C.      The London router is a Cisco 2610.

D.      The Manchester router is a Cisco 2610.

E.       The CDP information was received on port Serial0/0 of the Manchester router.

F.       The CDP information was sent by port Serial0/0 of the London router.


Correct Answer: ACE

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