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By | July 27, 2013



Which two locations can be configured as a source for the IOS image in the boot system command? (Choose two.)


A.      RAM

B.      NVRAM

C.      flash memory

D.      HTTP server

E.       TFTP server

F.       Telnet server


Correct Answer: CE




Refer to the exhibit. Given the output for this command, if the router ID has not been manually set, what router ID will OSPF use for this router?









Correct Answer: C




Refer to the exhibit. What commands must be configured on the 2950 switch and the router to allow communication between host 1 and host 2? (Choose two.)



A.      Router(config)# interface fastethernet 0/0

Router(config-if)# ip address

Router(config-if)# no shut down


B.      Router(config)# interface fastethernet 0/0

Router(config-if)# no shut down

Router(config)# interface fastethernet 0/0.1

Router(config-subif)# encapsulation dot1q 10

Router(config-subif)# ip address

Router(config)# interface fastethernet 0/0.2

Router(config-subif)# encapsulation dot1q 20

Router(config-subif)# ip address


C.      Router(config)# router eigrp 100

Router(config-router)# network

Router(config-router)# network


D.      Switch1(config)# vlan database

Switch1(config-vlan)# vtp domain XYZ

Switch1(config-vlan)# vtp server


E.       Switch1(config)# interface fastethernet 0/1

Switch1(config-if)# switchport mode trunk


F.       Switch1(config)# interface vlan 1

Switch1(config-if)# ip default-gateway


Correct Answer: BE




Which two statements describe the process identifier that is used in the command to configure OSPF on a router? (Choose two.)


Router(config)# router ospf 1


A.      All OSPF routers in an area must have the same process ID.

B.      Only one process number can be used on the same router.

C.      Different process identifiers can be used to run multiple OSPF processes

D.      The process number can be any number from 1 to 65,535.

E.       Hello packets are sent to each neighbor to determine the processor identifier.


Correct Answer: CD




Refer to the exhibit. For what two reasons has the router loaded its IOS image from the location that is shown? (Choose two.)




A.      Router1 has specific boot system commands that instruct it to load IOS from a TFTP server.

B.      Router1 is acting as a TFTP server for other routers.

C.      Router1 cannot locate a valid IOS image in flash memory.

D.      Router1 defaulted to ROMMON mode and loaded the IOS image from a TFTP server.

E.       Cisco routers will first attempt to load an image from TFTP for management purposes.


Correct Answer: AC




Refer to the exhibit. What can be determined about the router from the console output?




A.      No configuration file was found in NVRAM.

B.      No configuration file was found in flash.

C.      No configuration file was found in the PCMCIA card.

D.      Configuration file is normal and will load in 15 seconds.


Correct Answer: A




Which three elements must be used when you configure a router interface for VLAN trunking? (Choose three.)


A.      one physical interface for each subinterface

B.      one IP network or subnetwork for each subinterface

C.      a management domain for each subinterface

D.      subinterface encapsulation identifiers that match VLAN tags

E.       one subinterface per VLAN

F.       subinterface numbering that matches VLAN tags


Correct Answer: BDE






Which commands are required to properly configure a router to run OSPF and to add network to OSPF area 0? (Choose two.)


A.      Router(config)# router ospf 0

B.      Router(config)# router ospf 1

C.      Router(config)# router ospf area 0

D.      Router(config-router)# network 0

E.       Router(config-router)# network area 0

F.       Router(config-router)# network area 0


Correct Answer: BE




A router receives information about network from multiple sources. What will the router consider the most reliable information about the path to that network?


A.      a directly connected interface with an address of

B.      a static route to network

C.      a RIP update for network

D.      an OSPF update for network

E.       a default route with a next hop address of

F.       a static route to network with a local serial interface configured as the next hop


Correct Answer: A




What is the default maximum number of equal-cost paths that can be placed into the routing table of a Cisco OSPF router?


A.      2

B.      4

C.      16

D.      unlimited


Correct Answer: B

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