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By | September 13, 2013



Which two directory services are supported by Cisco Unified Communications Manager for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol integration? (Choose two.)


A.      Windows Active Directory 2008

B.      Novell eDirectory

C.      iPlanet Directory Server 4.0

D.      Sun ONE Directory Server

E.       Open Lightweight Directory Access Protocol 2.1


Correct Answer: AD




When creating a new softphone for a Cisco Unified Presence user, which phone type should you select if you are using Cisco Unified Personal Communicator Release 7.1?


A.      Cisco Unified Personal Communicator

B.      Cisco Unified Client Services Communicator

C.      Cisco Unified Client Services Framework

D.      Cisco Unified Personal Communicator Framework


Correct Answer: A




One user from your company wants to use a signaling protocol on the voice gateways that require registration with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Which protocol should you suggest to him?


A.      SIP

B.      Frame-Relay

C.      SRTP

D.      MGCP


Correct Answer: D




Which value should you assign to option 150 for DHCP to operate correctly in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express environment?


A.      FTP server of the DNS server

B.      MAC address of the DHCP server

C.      MAC address of the TFTP server

D.      IP address of the TFTP server


Correct Answer: D




What device enables Call Admission Control in a CME environment?


A.      Gateway

B.      Transcoder

C.      Bridge

D.      Gatekeeper


Correct Answer: D




In a Cisco UCM single-site deployment, what is the maximum number of IP phones that can register with a UCM cluster?


A.      2500

B.      7500

C.      10000

D.      30000


Correct Answer: D




An administrator wants to import users using the Bulk Administration menu in Cisco Unified Communication is valid for this operation?


A.      .PDF

B.      .DOC

C.      .DOCX

D.      .CSV

E.       .XLS


Correct Answer: D




Which statement accurately describes a calling search space?


A.      a group of object with similar reach ability characteristics.

B.      a calling feature that finds mobile users.

C.      a toll that is used to track calls to certain numbers.

D.      a feature that defines which partitions are reachable from a device.


Correct Answer: D




An engineer is configuring a new Cisco Unified Communications Manager server. However, when the engineer tries to register the IP phones, the registrations are unsuccessful. When the engineer checks one of the phones, there is no status that is shown along with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager server IP address. What is the probable cause?


A.      The server connection is established, but the information is encrypted.

B.      There is no current connection with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager server.

C.      The Cisco Unified Communications Manager server is currently available.

D.      The currently receiving call-processing services are running on the phone.


Correct Answer: B




Which Cisco Unity Connection report provides a summary view of the current size, last error condition, and status of the mailbox store?


A.      Users

B.      Message Traffic

C.      Mailbox Store

D.      System Configuration


Correct Answer: C



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