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By | September 13, 2013



What component does Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express use to match outbound dial peers?


A.      destination pattern

B.      incoming called-number

C.      calling number ANI

D.      answer-address

E.       port or session target


Correct Answer: A




A customer is in the planning stages of deploying a Cisco Unified Communications solution for their company. Previously, they were leasing a traditional PBX system from the telco and they have very little experience with voice. The customer wants to know what two signaling methods between the IP phone and the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express are available for their use. (Choose two)


A.      H.323

B.      SCCP

C.      MGCP

D.      SIP

E.       RTP


Correct Answer: BD




Which best describes the auto-attendant in a Cisco Unified Communications environment?


A.      A set of call processing instructions that automatically tell the system what to do when it reaches a particular system ID

B.      A system that automatically allows inside or outside callers to leave voice-mail messages 24 hours, 7 days a week, even when no operator is on duty

C.      A function that greets and guides callers through a telephony system in a friendly and timely manner, allowing them to reach an endpoint, leave messages, or speak to an operator

D.      A function that allows the option of listening to, composing, replying to, forwarding, or deleting calls or voice-mail messages through a website without the need of a live telephone operator


Correct Answer: C




Which statement about the Cisco Unity Express default AutoAttendant is true?


A.      The default AutoAttendant must be enabled during the Initialization Wizard process otherwise voice-mail services will not function.

B.      Enabling the default AutoAttendant is not mandatory during the Initialization Wizard process.

C.      The default AutoAttendant is enabled by default with the exception of the prompts that must be recorded via AvT.

D.      The default AutoAttendant cannot be used as is, and it must be customized for the particular environment it will be used in.


Correct Answer: B






You have been tasked to configure a Cisco Unity Express system with a voicemail pilot number of 1900, an AutoAttendant with pilot number of 2900, and an Administration via Telephone pilot number of 3900. What is the minimum number of SIP dial peers required?


A.      1

B.      2

C.      3

D.      4

E.       5


Correct Answer: A




How can an administrator determine which codec is being used between two endpoints while a call is in progress?


A.      Run the codec trace in Cisco Unified Communication Manager.

B.      Use Cisco Unified Serviceability network trace.

C.      Can only be seen in Cisco SDI traces.

D.      Can only be seen in a sniffer trace.

E.       Press the [ ? ] button twice on one of the IP phones.


Correct Answer: E




An administrator wants to see how long a specific IP phone extension is in use during a given period of time. What CAR tool feature would the administrator use?


A.      System Reports > Traffic > Summary by Phone Number

B.      CDR > Search > By Call Precedence Level

C.      Device Reports > Route Patterns/Hunt Groups > Route and Line Group Utilization

D.      User Reports > Top N > By Duration


Correct Answer: A




Which three commands does Cisco recommend to use first when setting up phones for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express? (Choose three)


A.      Load

B.      Max-dn

C.      Keepalive

D.      Max-ephones

E.       Create cnf files

F.       Telephony-service


Correct Answer: BDF




What statement about the Cisco Unity Express AIM Module and the Cisco Unity Express Network Module is true?


A.      The AIM module takes up a router slot whereas the network module does not.

B.      The network module takes up a router slot whereas the AIM module does not.

C.      The AIM module runs the Linux OS whereas the network module runs the Cisco IOS software.

D.      The network module requires the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express to be preconfigured whereas the AIM module does not.


Correct Answer: B




The SBB Company is setting up Call Transfer for its Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express solution. The company uses five-digit extensions and would like to be able to transfer calls outside the network to the CEO’s home. The CEO’s telephone number is 866-555-2222. Which configuration command will allow this to occur?


A.      SBB(config-ephone-dn)# transfer-pattern .T

B.      SBB(config-telephony-service)# transfer-pattern .T

C.      SBB(config-ephone-dn)# transfer-pattern ……51212

D.      SBB(config-ephone-dn)# transfer-pattern 8665552222

E.       SBB(config-telephony-service)# transfer-pattern 86655…..

F.       SBB(config-telephony-service)# transfer-pattern 8665552222


Correct Answer: F



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