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By | September 13, 2013



What is the maximum number of phones are supported on Call Manager Express?


A.      48

B.      28

C.      240

D.      500


Correct Answer: C




In Cisco Unified Communications Manager Native Presence, what two things is a watcher monitoring in real time? (Choose two.)


A.      registration status of a specific IP phone

B.      registration status of the hunt group

C.      registration status of the MGCP gateway

D.      registration status of Cisco Extension Mobility of the IP phone

E.       status of a registered directory number


Correct Answer: AE




Which protocol is used for communication between Cisco Unity Express and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express?


A.      H.323

B.      G.711

C.      MGCP

D.      Q.931

E.       SIP


Correct Answer: E




Refer to the exhibit. The error message was displayed when the administrator attempted to set the default user password in the user template to four digits long. Which option can rectify this issue?



A.      The minimum password length in Cisco Unity Connection should be at least five digits long.

B.      The password length needs to be configured under the Authentication Rules settings using the Minimum Credential Length configuration field.

C.      The password length needs to be configured under the user template settings using the Minimum Credential Length configuration field.

D.      The password length cannot be adjusted under the user template; the password length can only be adjusted under the individual users.


Correct Answer: B




What is the correct URL to use to add a user to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express?


A.      http://ipaddress/cucme.html

B.      https://ipaddress/cue.html

C.      https://www.ipaddress/cme.html

D.      http://ipaddress/ccme.html

E.       http://ipaddress/cme.html


Correct Answer: D






Refer to the exhibit. What protocol is being used to send and receive instant messaging between the Cisco Unified Personal Communicator and Cisco Unified Presence?




A.      Enterprise Instant Messaging Protocol

B.      Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol

C.      SIP

D.      SCCP

E.       CTI


Correct Answer: B




In which location is Cisco Unified Presence enabled for a specific user in Cisco Unified Communications Manager?


A.      User Administration

B.      Application

C.      Advanced Features

D.      Capabilities Assignment

E.       on the IP phone


Correct Answer: D




What is the Cisco Unified Communications Manager implementation of one-way intercom referred to as?


A.      One-Way Intercom monitor

B.      Whisper Intercom

C.      Secure Intercom

D.      Silent monitor


Correct Answer: B




Which protocol should you use to securely access Cisco Configuration Professional?


A.      HTTPS

B.      Telnet

C.      SCP

D.      TLS


Correct Answer: A




Which type of ephone-dn is typically used for intercoms and paging?


A.      dual-line

B.      multiline

C.      single-line

D.      special-line


Correct Answer: C



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