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Which three statements about RSTP are true? (Choose three.)


A.       RSTP significantly reduces topology reconverging time after a link failure.

B.        RSTP expands the STP port roles by adding the alternate and backup roles.

C.        RSTP port states are blocking, discarding, learning, or forwarding.

D.       RSTP provides a faster transition to the forwarding state on point-to-point links than STP does.

E.        RSTP also uses the STP proposal-agreement sequence.

F.        RSTP uses the same timer-based process as STP on point-to-point links.


Correct Answer: ABD




Assuming the default switch configuration, which VLAN range can be added, modified, and removed on a Cisco switch?


A.       1 through 1001

B.        2 through 1001

C.        1 through 1002

D.       2 through 1005


Correct Answer: B




The ROUTE Company has a small network. The network consists of one switch and one router. The switch has been configured with two VLANs. The router has been configured as a router-on- a-stick to allow inter- VLAN routing. A trunk is configured to connect the switch to the router. What is the minimum number of router subinterfaces that are required for all the VLANs to communicate?


A.       zero

B.        one

C.        two

D.       three


Correct Answer: C




Identify the four valid IPv6 addresses. (Choose four.)


A.       ::

B.        ::192:168:0:1

C.        2000::

D.       2001:3452:4952:2837::

E.        2002:c0a8:101::42

F.        2003:dead:beef:4dad:23:46:bb:101

Correct Answer: ABEF




A network administrator receives an error message while trying to configure the Ethernet interface of a router with IP address Which statement explains the reason for this issue?


A.       VLSM-capable routing protocols must be enabled first on the router.

B.        This address is a network address.

C.        This address is a broadcast address

D.       The Ethernet interface is faulty.


Correct Answer: B




You are working in a data center environment and are assigned the address range You are asked to develop an IP addressing plan to allow the maximum number of subnets with as many as 30 hosts each. Which IP address range meets these requirements?








Correct Answer: D




Which IPv6 address is valid?


A.       2001:0db8:0000:130F:0000:0000:08GC:140B

B.        2001:0db8:0:130H::87C:140B

C.        2031::130F::9C0:876A:130B

D.       2031:0:130F::9C0:876A:130B


Correct Answer: D





Which statements are true about EIGRP successor routes? (Choose two.)


A.       A successor route is used by EIGRP to forward traffic to a destination.

B.        Successor routes are saved in the topology table to be used if the primary route fails.

C.        Successor routes are flagged as "active" in the routing table.

D.       A successor route may be backed up by a feasible successor route.

E.        Successor routes are stored in the neighbor table following the discovery process.


Correct Answer: AD




What can be done to secure the virtual terminal interfaces on a router? (Choose two.)


A.       Administratively shut down the interface.

B.        Physically secure the interface.

C.        Create an access list and apply it to the virtual terminal interfaces with the access-group command.

D.       Configure a virtual terminal password and login process.

E.        Enter an access list and apply it to the virtual terminal interfaces using the access-class command.


Correct Answer: DE




Refer to the exhibit. Assume that all router interfaces are operational and correctly configured. In addition, assume that OSPF has been correctly configured on router R2. How will the default route configured on R1 affect the operation of R2?




A.       Any packet destined for a network that is not directly connected to router R1 will be dropped.

B.        Any packet destined for a network that is not directly connected to router R2 will be dropped immediately.

C.        Any packet destined for a network that is not directly connected to router R2 will be dropped immediately because of the lack of a gateway on R1.

D.       The networks directly connected to router R2 will not be able to communicate with the,, and subnetworks.

E.        Any packet destined for a network that is not referenced in the routing table of router R2 will be directed to R1. R1 will then send that packet back to R2 and a routing loop will occur.


Correct Answer: E

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