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A network administrator is configuring ACLs on a Cisco router, to allow traffic from hosts on networks,,, and only. Which two ACL statements, when combined, are the best for accomplishing this task? (Choose two.)


A.       access-list 10 permit ip

B.        access-list 10 permit ip

C.        access-list 10 permit ip

D.       access-list 10 permit ip

E.        access-list 10 permit ip

F.        access-list 10 permit ip


Correct Answer: AC




In which solution is a router ACL used?


A.       filtering packets that are passing through a router

B.        to change the default administrative distance of a route in the route table

C.        protecting a server from unauthorized access

D.       controlling path selection, based on the route metric


Correct Answer: A




Which IPsec security protocol should be used when confidentiality is required?


A.       MD5

B.        PSK

C.        AH

D.       ESP


Correct Answer: D




What is the result of issuing the frame-relay map ip 202 broadcast command?


A.       defines the destination IP address that is used in all broadcast packets on DCLI 202

B.        defines the source IP address that is used in all broadcast packets on DCLI 202

C.        defines the DLCI on which packets from the IP address are received

D.       defines the DLCI that is used for all packets that are sent to the IP address


Correct Answer: D







Refer to the topology. If most of the communication is between hosts and the servers, which switch is best as the root switch for VLAN 20?




A.      Sw-A

B.      Sw-B

C.      Sw-C

D.      Sw-D

E.       Sw-E


Correct Answer: E









Refer to the topology. If Sw-E is the root for all VLANs, which of the following is a valid path from host A to Server 1?




A.       Sw-A, Sw-D

B.        Sw-A, Sw-E, Sw-D

C.        Sw-A, Sw-B, Sw-C, Sw-D

D.       Sw-A, Sw-E, Sw-C, Sw-D

E.        Sw-A, Sw-E, Sw-A, Svv-D


Correct Answer: D







Refer to the topology. What technology helps prevent frames from looping continuously through this switched network?




A.      ARP

B.      VTP

C.      STP

D.      EIGRP

E.       CSMA/CD


Correct Answer: C








Refer to the topology. What, if anything, is required for communication to occur between the host C and Server 3?



A.       DHCP

B.        a router

C.        nothing is required

D.       trunk link between Sw-B and Sw-E


Correct Answer: B






Refer to the topology. What type of link is needed between Sw-A and Sw-B so host C and host D can communicate through Sw-A to the servers?




A.       trunk

B.        access

C.        multi-access

D.       straight-through


Correct Answer: A




Riverside Towing is redesigning the network that connects its three locations. The administrator gave the networking team 192 168.45 0 to use for addressing the entire network. After subnetting the address, the team is ready to assign the addresses. The administrator plans to configure ip subnet-zero and use RIP v2 as the routing protocol. As a member of the networking team, youmust address the network and at the same time conserve unused addresses for future growth. With those goals in mind, drag the host addresses on the left to the correct router interface. One of the routers is partially configured. Move your mouse over a router to view its configuration. Not all of the host addresses on the left are necessary.


Select and Place:



Correct Answer:



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