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Refer to the exhibit. Which WAN protocol is being used?




A.      ATM

B.      HDLC

C.      Frame Relay

D.      PPP


Correct Answer: C




What occurs on a Frame Relay network when the CIR is exceeded?


A.      All TCP traffic is marked discard eligible.

B.      All UDP traffic is marked discard eligible and a BECN is sent.

C.      All TCP traffic is marked discard eligible and a BECN is sent.

D.      All traffic exceeding the CIR is marked discard eligible.


Correct Answer: D




What are two characteristics of Frame Relay point-to-point subinterfaces? (Choose two.)


A.      They create split-horizon issues.

B.      They require a unique subnet within a routing domain.

C.      They emulate leased lines.

D.      They are ideal for full-mesh topologies.

E.       They require the use of NBMA options when using OSPF.


Correct Answer: BC





Which two statements about using the CHAP authentication mechanism in a PPP link are true? (Choose two.)


A.      CHAP uses a two-way handshake.

B.      CHAP uses a three-way handshake.

C.      CHAP authentication periodically occurs after link establishment.

D.      CHAP authentication passwords are sent in plaintext.

E.       CHAP authentication is performed only upon link establishment.

F.       CHAP has no protection from playback attacks.


Correct Answer: BC




Which command allows you to verify the encapsulation type (CISCO or IETF) for a Frame Relay link?


A.      show frame-relay lmi

B.      show frame-relay map

C.      show frame-relay pvc

D.      show interfaces serial


Correct Answer: B




What is the purpose of Inverse ARP?


A.      to map a known IP address to a MAC address

B.      to map a known DLCI to a MAC address

C.      to map a known MAC address to an IP address

D.      to map a known DLCI to an IP address

E.       to map a known IP address to a SPID

F.       to map a known SPID to a MAC address


Correct Answer: D




Refer to the exhibit.




A network associate has configured OSPF with the command:


City(config-router)# network area 0


After completing the configuration, the associate discovers that not all the interfaces are participating in OSPF. Which three of the interfaces shown in the exhibit will participate in OSPF according to this configuration statement? (Choose three.)


A.      FastEthernet0 /0

B.      FastEthernet0 /1

C.      Serial0/0

D.      Serial0/1.102

E.       Serial0/1.103

F.       Serial0/1.104


Correct Answer: BCD




What is the advantage of using a multipoint interface instead of point-to-point subinterfaces when configuring a Frame Relay hub in a hub-and-spoke topology?


A.      It avoids split-horizon issues with distance vector routing protocols.

B.      IP addresses can be conserved if VLSM is not being used for subnetting.

C.      A multipoint interface offers greater security compared to point-to-point subinterface configurations.

D.      The multiple IP network addresses required for a multipoint interface provide greater addressing flexibility over point-to-point configurations.


Correct Answer: B



Which two statistics appear in show frame-relay map output? (Choose two.)


A.      the number of BECN packets that are received by the router

B.      the value of the local DLCI

C.      the number of FECN packets that are received by the router

D.      the status of the PVC that is configured on the router

E.       the IP address of the local router


Correct Answer: BD




Which protocol is an open standard protocol framework that is commonly used in VPNs, to provide secure end-to-end communications?


A.      RSA

B.      L2TP

C.      IPsec

D.      PPTP


Correct Answer: C



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