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Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures

Question No: 201

Which of these is least important when determining how many users a NAS can support?

  1. bandwidth

  2. number of plug-ins per scan

  3. total number of network devices

  4. number of checks in each posture assessment

Answer: A Explanation:

NAS = Cisco NAC Appliance Server

(not Network-Attached Storage as I first thought) https://www.safaribooksonline.com/library/view/foundation-learning- guide/9780132652933/ch08.html

quot;Cisco NAS Scaling

There are three levels of Cisco NAM for supporting Cisco NAC Appliance solutions:

  • Cisco NAC Appliance Lite Manager manages up to 3 Cisco NAS devices, supporting 100, 250, or 500 users

    per server.

  • Cisco NAC Appliance Standard Manager manages up to 20 Cisco NAS devices, supporting from 1500 to

    5000 users per (NAS) depending on which model is deployed.

  • Cisco NAC Appliance Super Manager manages up to 40 Cisco NAS devices, supporting from 1500 to 5000

    users per (NAS) depending on which model is deployed.

    The number of users supported on a server is a measure of concurrent users that have been scanned for

    posture compliance, not network devices such as printers or IP phones.

    The number of users supported per server is influenced by many factors that consume CPU and server

    resources, such as the following:

  • The number of new user authentications per second

  • The number of posture assessments per second

  • How many checks are in each posture assessment

  • The number of agentless network scans per second

  • The number of plug-ins per scan

  • Rescan timer intervals

  • Per-role and total online timer intervals

  • Bandwidth controls

  • Filters and access controls Note

  • Interface bandwidth is the least important calculation for determining how many users a Cisco NAS

    can support.quot;

    Question No: 202

    Which option is the Cisco preferred, most versatile, and highest-performance way to deploy IPv6 in existing IPv4 environments?

    1. dual stack

    2. hybrid

    3. service block

    4. dual service

    Answer: A

    Question No: 203

    CoS is applied for Layer 2 markings in an Ethernet environment. Which protocol must be configured on the Layer 2 switch port for CoS to work?

    1. MPLS

    2. IEEE 802.1W

    3. IEEE 802.1Q

    4. IEEE 802.1S

    Answer: C

    Question No: 204

    An engineer is designing a multitenant network that requires separate management access and must share a single physical firewall. Which two features support this design? (Choose 2)

    1. Site-to-Site VPN

    2. dynamic routing protocols

    3. multicast routing

    4. threat detection

    5. quality of service

    6. unified communications

    Answer: A,E

    Question No: 205

    A customer requires resiliency and availability for applications hosted in the data center. What two technologies meet this requirement? (Choose two.)

    1. SLB

    2. LTM

    3. GLBP

    4. GTM

    5. HSRP

    Answer: C,E

    Question No: 206

    In which OSI layer does IS-IS operate?

    1. Layer 1

    2. Layer 2

    3. Layer 3

    4. Layer 4

    Answer: B Explanation:

    Yeah, it can advertise layer 3 IPv4 amp; v6 routes but it operates at L2. (that#39;s why Fabricpath is based on IS-IS)

    Question No: 207

    For which engine an IPS can use its reputation awareness? (Choose two)

    1. Reputation filtering

    2. Reputation subscriptions

    3. Correlation rules

    4. Global correlation inspection

    Answer: A,C Explanation:

    https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/security/firepower/60/configuration/guide/fpmc- config-guide-v60/Correlation_Policies.html

    Correlation rules -gt; Connection Tracker -gt; URL Reputation

    Question No: 208

    What two sensor types exist in an IDS/IPS solution? (Choose two.)

    1. host

    2. anomaly based

    3. policy based

    4. network based

    5. signature

    Answer: A,D

    Question No: 209

    Which two statements correctly describe an IPS device? (Choose two.)

    1. It resembles a Layer 2 bridge.

    2. Traffic flow through the IPS resembles traffic flow through a Layer 3 router.

    3. Inline interfaces which have no IP addresses cannot be detected.

    4. Malicious packets that have been detected are allowed to pass through, but all subsequent traffic is blocked

    5. Traffic arrives on the detection interface, is inspected, and exits via the same interface.

    Answer: A,C

    Question No: 210

    A company requires real-time SAN replication between two remote locations. What is the standard path selection protocol for fabric routing?

    1. FSFP

    2. FICON

    3. FCoE

    4. SCSI

    Answer: A

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