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Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures

Question No: 21

Which two VPN solutions extend the routing capabilities of basic IPsec VPNs? (Choose two.)

  1. GRE

  2. NVI

  3. DES

  4. VTI

  5. AES

Answer: A,D

Question No: 22

A e-commerce network has many devices that often need to be upgraded on a regular


What technology will ensure IP packets continue to be forwarded even during a device failover?

  1. stateful switchover

  2. nonstop forwarding

  3. route processor redundancy

  4. optimized edge routing

  5. enhanced object tracking

Answer: B

Question No: 23

Which three Layer 2 access designs have all of their uplinks in an active state? (Choose three.)

  1. Flex Links

  2. loop-free U

  3. looped square

  4. looped triangle

  5. loop-free inverted U

Answer: B,C,E

Question No: 24

Which two protocols are used for high availability in enterprise networks? (Choose two.)

  1. BGP

  2. GLBP

  3. RSTP

  4. VRRP

  5. OSPF

Answer: B,D

Question No: 25

A network engineer is building a LAN design that includes Cisco NAC. What two characteristics of an out-ofband NAC deployment are important to consider when evaluating it for the design? (Choose two.)

  1. supported by a limited number of switch models

  2. never in-line with user traffic

  3. aggregate client traffic is constrained to NAC server port speed

  4. recommended if sharing ports between IP phones and PCs

  5. supports real IP gateway (routed mode)

Answer: A,D Explanation:

https://www.safaribooksonline.com/library/view/foundation-learning- guide/9780132652933/ch08.html

quot;Out-of-band traffic flow is supported with the Cisco NAS connected to most common Cisco switches with

recent software releases.quot;

https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/security/nac/appliance/configuration_guide/47/cas/4 7cas-book/s_deploy.html

quot;OOB Virtual Gateway

鈥ecommended configuration if sharing ports between IP phones and PCs.quot;

Question No: 26

Which three statements about Network Attached Storage are correct? (Choose three.)

  1. Data is accessed using NFS or CIFS.

  2. Data is accessed at the block level.

  3. NAS is referred to as captive storage.

  4. Storage devices can be shared between servers.

  5. A NAS implementation is not as fast as a DAS implementation.

Answer: A,D,E

Question No: 27

Which Cisco NAC Appliance design is the most scalable in large Layer 2-to-distribution implementation?

  1. Layer 2 out-of-band

  2. Layer 2 in-band

  3. Layer 3 out-of-band

  4. Layer 3 in-band

Answer: B Explanation:

https://www.safaribooksonline.com/library/view/foundation-learning- guide/9780132652933/ch08.html

quot;Layer 2 In-Band Designs The Layer 2 in-band topology is the most common deployment option.


This is the most scalable design in large L2-to-distribution environments, because this design can be

transparently implemented in the existing network supporting multiple access layer switches. It supports all network infrastructure equipment. The Cisco NAS supports per- user ACLs.quot;

Question No: 28

A campus network in a switch block design requires redundant distribution switches, load sharing across uplinks, a loop-free topology, and only one gateway IP address per VLAN. Which switching technology meets all of the requirements?

  1. HSRP

  2. VSS

  3. Spanning Tree Protocol

  4. EtherChannel

Answer: B

Question No: 29

Which three authentication services are supported by Cisco NAC Appliance? (Choose three.)


  2. LDAP

  3. Kerberos


  5. local

  6. SNMP

Answer: A,B,C Explanation:

https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/security/nac/appliance/configuration_guide/47/cam/ 47cam-book/m_auth.html

quot;Working with Existing Backend Authentication Servers

When working with existing backend authentication servers, Cisco supports the following authentication protocol types:


鈥ADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service)

鈥indows NT (NTLM Auth Server)

鈥DAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)quot;

Question No: 30

Which of these Layer 2 access designs does not support VLAN extensions?

  1. FlexLinks

  2. loop-free U

  3. looped square

  4. looped triangle

  5. loop-free inverted U

Answer: B

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