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Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures

Question No: 11

The direction of the flow of multicast traffic is based on which protocol?

  1. PIM

  2. IGMP

  3. underlying IGP

  4. MSDP

Answer: C Explanation:



quot;Reverse Path Forwarding (RPF) PIM uses the unicast routing information to create a distribution tree along the reverse path from the receivers towards the source. The multicast routers then forward packets along the distribution tree from the source to the receivers. RPF is a key concept in multicast forwarding. It enables routers to correctly forward multicast traffic down the distribution tree. RPF makes use of the existing unicast routing table to determine the upstream and downstream neighbors. A router will forward a multicast packet only if it is received on the upstream interface. This RPF check helps to guarantee that the distribution tree will be loopfree.quot;

Question No: 12

A network engineer is designing a network that must incorporate seamless failover when a link failure occurs between the core and distribution layer. What two technologies will allow this? (Choose two)

  1. ECMP

  2. RSTP

  3. MEC

  4. GLBP

  5. HSRP

Answer: A,C

Question No: 13

Design for data center where you don#39;t have to dedicate one switch per rack?

  1. Top of rack

  2. End of row

  3. Blade Switch

  4. Middle of row

Answer: B

Question No: 14

At a certain customer#39;s site, a NAS is both physically and logically in the traffic path. The NAS identifies clients solely based on their MAC addresses. In which access mode has this NAS been configured to operate?

  1. Layer 2 mode

  2. Layer 3 Edge mode

  3. Layer 3 Central mode

  4. Layer 3 In-Band mode

Answer: A

Question No: 15

HSRP. Router 1 (master) and Router 2 (standby), same priority. When router 1 f0/1 (outside interface) down. With which tracking commands the Router 2 will be able to preempt ? (Choose Two)

  1. Track 50

  2. Track 50 decrement 20

  3. ip tracking 50 interface f0/1 reachability

  4. ip tracking 50 Interface f0/1 ip routing (or line protocol)

Answer: B,D

Question No: 16

Which two design recommendations are most appropriate when OSPF is the data center core routing protocol? (Choose two.)

  1. Never use passive interfaces.

  2. Use NSSA areas from the core down.

  3. Use totally stub areas to stop type 3 LSAs.

  4. Use the lowest Ethernet interface IP address as the router ID.

  5. Manipulate the reference bandwidth.

Answer: B,E

Question No: 17

When a router has to make a rate transition from LAN to WAN, what type of congestion needs should be

considered in the network design?

  1. RX-queue deferred

  2. TX-queue deferred

  3. RX-queue saturation

  4. TX-queue saturation

  5. RX-queue starvation

  6. TX-queue starvation

Answer: D

Question No: 18

A network designer needs to explain the advantages of route summarization to a client. Which two options are advantages that should be included in the explanation? (Choose Two)

  1. Increases security by advertising fake networks.

  2. Reduces routing table size.

  3. Advertises detailed routing size

  4. Utilizes the routers full CPU capacity.

  5. Reduces the upstream impact of a flapping interface.

Answer: B,D

Question No: 19

What QoS technology allows traffic to pass even though it has exceeded the bandwidth limit but will be queued later?

  1. Shaping

  2. Policing

  3. Weighted Fair Queuing

  4. Low Latency Queuing

Answer: A

Question No: 20

Which three statements about zoning are correct? (Choose three.)

  1. Zoning increases security

  2. DNS queries are used for software zoning.

  3. Software zoning is more secure than hardware zoning.

  4. When using zones and VSANs together, the zone is created first.

  5. Zoning requires that VSANs be established before it becomes operational.

Answer: A,B,E

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