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CompTIA Security E2C

Question No: 461 – (Topic 5)

An administrator has successfully implemented SSL on srv4.comptia.com using wildcard certificate *.comptia.com, and now wishes to implement SSL on srv5.comptia.com. Which of the following files should be copied from srv4 to accomplish this?

  1. certificate, private key, and intermediate certificate chain

  2. certificate, intermediate certificate chain, and root certificate

  3. certificate, root certificate, and certificate signing request

  4. certificate, public key, and certificate signing request

Answer: A

Question No: 462 – (Topic 5)

When reviewing security logs, an administrator sees requests for the AAAA record of www.comptia.com. Which of the following BEST describes this type of record?

  1. DNSSEC record

  2. IPv4 DNS record

  3. IPSEC DNS record

  4. IPv6 DNS record

Answer: D

Question No: 463 – (Topic 5)

Which of the following practices reduces the management burden of access management?

  1. Password complexity policies

  2. User account audit

  3. Log analysis and review

  4. Group based privileges

Answer: D

Question No: 464 – (Topic 5)

Which of the following helps to apply the proper security controls to information?

  1. Data classification

  2. Deduplication

  3. Clean desk policy

  4. Encryption

Answer: A

Question No: 465 – (Topic 5)

Which of the following describes purposefully injecting extra input during testing, possibly causing an application to crash?

  1. Input validation

  2. Exception handling

  3. Application hardening

  4. Fuzzing

Answer: D

Question No: 466 – (Topic 5)

Which of the following types of security services are used to support authentication for remote users and devices?

  1. Biometrics

  2. HSM



Answer: C

Question No: 467 – (Topic 5)

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is tasked with outsourcing the analysis of security logs. These will need to still be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure the security of the company has not been breached. Which of the following cloud service options would support this requirement?

  1. SaaS

  2. MaaS

  3. IaaS

  4. PaaS

Answer: B

Question No: 468 – (Topic 5)

A security administrator needs a locally stored record to remove the certificates of a terminated employee. Which of the following describes a service that could meet these requirements?

  1. OCSP

  2. PKI

  3. CA

  4. CRL

Answer: D

Question No: 469 – (Topic 5)

A security analyst informs the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) that a security breach has just occurred. This results in the Risk Manager and Chief Information Officer (CIO) being caught unaware when the CEO asks for further information. Which of the following strategies should be implemented to ensure the Risk Manager and CIO are not caught unaware in the future?

  1. Procedure and policy management

  2. Chain of custody management

  3. Change management

  4. Incident management

Answer: D

Question No: 470 – (Topic 5)

Which of the following relies on the use of shared secrets to protect communication?


  2. Kerberos

  3. PKI

  4. LDAP

Answer: A

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