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CompTIA A Recertification Exam for Continuing Education

Question No: 91 – (Topic 4)

A user has a Windows 8.1 RT operating system and wants to add additional programs to the computer. Which of the following is available for installing more applications?

  1. Microsoft Store

  2. DVD

  3. Google Play

  4. iTunes

Answer: A

Question No: 92 – (Topic 4)

Which of the following best practices is used to fix a zero-day vulnerability on Linux?

  1. Scheduled backup

  2. Scheduled disk maintenance

  3. Patch management

  4. Antivirus update

Answer: C

Question No: 93 – (Topic 4)

How would a technician install Windows OS on a MAC OS computer without using third- party software?

  1. Terminal

  2. Boot Disk

  3. Disk Utility

  4. Boot Camp

Answer: D

Question No: 94 – (Topic 4)

Which of the following tools is used to type or paste recovery commands directly into a Linux box?

  1. Shell/terminal

  2. Backup/time machine

  3. Command/cmd

  4. Restore/snapshot

Answer: A

Question No: 95 – (Topic 4)

A company that manages its own cloud, while utilizing a third-party vendor to help manage storage, is implementing which of the following infrastructure types?

  1. Hybrid

  2. Community

  3. Private

  4. Public

Answer: A

Question No: 96 – (Topic 4)

A technician is tasked with setting up a user’s webmail on a tablet, phone, and laptop. The user would like the data synced to all three devices. Which of the following items can be synced to the devices via webmail? (Select THREE).

  1. Free/busy

  2. Programs

  3. Documents

  4. Calendar

  5. Favorites

  6. Social media

  7. Contacts

Answer: A,D,G

Question No: 97 – (Topic 4)

A technician is installing Bluetooth speakers in a conference room. Which of the following will be the average operating range of the speakers?

  1. 10 feet (3 meters)

  2. 15 feet (5 meters)

  3. 30 feet (9 meters)

  4. 45 feet (14 meters)

Answer: C

Question No: 98 – (Topic 4)

Which of the following network hosts would MOST likely provide the services needed to allow client access to Internet web pages?

  1. File server

  2. Web server

  3. WINS server

  4. Proxy server

Answer: D

Topic 5, Operational Procedures

Question No: 99 – (Topic 5)

A technician is working on a home theater PC in a location where the electrical system may not be properly grounded. As the technician is finishing the installation, which of the following should the computer technician do before connecting a cable TV line to a TV tuner card?

  1. Perform self-grounding

  2. Unplug the computer power cable

  3. Use an ESD strap

  4. Require the electrical system be brought up to code

Answer: B

Question No: 100 – (Topic 5)

Which of the following explains why it is important to secure Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?

  1. So phishing attacks are not launched against employees of the organization.

  2. So sensitive information, such as corporate passwords, is not stolen.

  3. So man-in-the-middle attacks are not launched against the organization.

  4. So sensitive information, such as social security numbers, is not stolen.

Answer: D

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